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  • Mathews Bows thumbnail

    Mathews Bows

    HTR No Cam, Black Right Hand, 60# draw weight, 28" draw length  --  NOW $849.00 (regular price $1049.00)

    Mathews Z2, Camo Right Hand, 70# draw weight, 28” draw length -- NOW $649.00 (regular price $849.00)

    Mathews Chill R, Camo Right Hand, 70# draw weight, 28” draw length -- NOW $799.00 (regular price $999.00)

  • Mission Bows thumbnail

    Mission Bows

    Mission Ballistic, Camo Right Hand, 50# - 70# draw weight, 28” draw length - NOW $349.00 (regular price $499.99)

  • Bowtech Bows thumbnail

    Bowtech Bows

    Bowtech Prodigy, Camo Right Hand, 70# draw weight, 25.5" to 30.5” draw length -- NOW $849.00 (regular price $1049.00)

    Bowtech Prodigy, Black Right Hand, 60# draw weight, 25.5" to 30.5” draw length -- NOW $849.00 (regular price $1049.00)

  • Bear Bows thumbnail

    Bear Bows

    Bear Attitude, Camo Right Hand, 60# draw weight, 25" to 32” draw length -- NOW $229.00 (regular price $299.00)

    Bear Cruzer, Camo Right Hand, 5# - 70# draw weight, 12" to 30” draw length -- NOW $349.00 (regular price $399.00)

    Bear Cruzer, Blue Right Hand, 5# - 70# draw weight, 12" to 30” draw length - NOW $349.00 (regular price $399.00)

  • Moultrie Trail Camera thumbnail

    Moultrie Trail Camera

    Model M880 -- $126.99 (regular price $149.99)

  • Moultrie Game Cameras thumbnail

    Moultrie Game Cameras

    You never know what's out there....until you do. Whether you're searching for affordable ways to scout land or looking for the ultimate camera to monitor and manage big game on your property, Moultrie's industry-leading game cameras are the optimal tool for gathering intelligence. From hi-definition infrared models with NO-Glow technology and 150 degree panoramic fill-color photos to mini game cameras that all but disappear in the wild, Moultrie's easy-to-use and quick-to-setup cameras come equipped with a wide range of features that appeal to every hunter, no matter of their experience level. Moultrie game cameras are built for the long haul, using hi-grade components that can withstand extended exposure to brutal conditions. Moultrie's industry-leading reliability and innovative design give hunters, outdoorsmen, and game managers the extra edge they need to collect all the outdoor trophies they can handle.

    Stop in and check them out. Get your scouting off to a great start!

New products have arrived at Plum Creek Archery!

  • Lucky Buck Mineral Supplement

    Lucky Buck Mineral Supplement

    Developed with just the right ratio of minerals, Lucky Buck Mineral mix guarantees healthier bucks with antlers that most hunters only dream about. This highly palatable mix increases your odds of quality deer by attracting both males and females and keeping them in specific areas. A special ingredient is included to prevent the deer from overeating, increasing product longevity and ensuring that the bucks will have constant access without getting beat out by hungry does. This is an all-season, all-weather product that won't spoil due to rain or snow, and keeps up its appeal year-round. Note: The sale and use of game feeders and supplies is restricted in some states. Please consult your local game laws before supplementing or hunting with feeders or attractants learn more »
  • FUSE Playback Stabilizer Camera thumbnail

    FUSE Playback Stabilizer Camera

    Capture all your favorite hunting memories with the new FUSE Playback and watch them again and again on your computer, tablet, phone or big screen. With the unobscured camera location at the end of the stabilizer, Playback captures all the intensity of your hunt in full HD 1080p. Equipped with an ultra high-quality lens and 12 megapixel lowlight sensor, the Playback gives you a picture-perfect video, providing a view similar to what you see with the human eye. Unlike a fisheye lens, the Playback uses patented Tactacam™ Technology, which makes a 20-yard shot look and feel like a 20-yard shot. Don’t miss capturing another epic hunt, get the FUSE Playback and record, share and relive every heart-pounding bowhunting moment.

    Record, Share and Relive your outdoor experiences!

  • ​Outdoor Edge: Knives and Tools thumbnail

    ​Outdoor Edge: Knives and Tools

    • Outdoor Edge "Divide knives: part of the survival series of knives, this bad boy is a one-hand flip open folding knife with silky smooth ball bearing pivot for everyday carry.
    • Outdoor Edge Flip N Blaze: the Flip N Blaze in one of the sharpest, best edge holding knives you will ever own to make field dressing big game faster and easier.
    • Outdoor Edge Swingblaze-Pak: combines the ultimate hunting knife and aggressive 6" wood/bone saw.
    • Outdoor Edge Wild-Lite: this is a lightweight, 6 piece field-to-freezer game processing set with all the tools to get the job done fast!