FUSE Playback Stabilizer Camera

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Capture all your favorite hunting memories with the new FUSE Playback and watch them again and again on your computer, tablet, phone or big screen. With the unobscured camera location at the end of the stabilizer, Playback captures all the intensity of your hunt in full HD 1080p. Equipped with an ultra high-quality lens and 12 megapixel lowlight sensor, the Playback gives you a picture-perfect video, providing a view similar to what you see with the human eye. Unlike a fisheye lens, the Playback uses patented Tactacam™ Technology, which makes a 20-yard shot look and feel like a 20-yard shot. Don’t miss capturing another epic hunt, get the FUSE Playback and record, share and relive every heart-pounding bowhunting moment.

Record, Share and Relive your outdoor experiences!