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New product arrivals at Plum Creek Archery!

New Product

New Release Bows/Crossbows

It’s never too early... or late to start thinking about an equipment upgrade. Stop in and check out the new bow models from Mathews, Bowtech, Bear, Diamond, Ten Point, Wicked Ridge, and Mission. High quality, precision shooting right in the palm of your hand!

Outdoor Edge

Trophy Bucks of Iowa Flot Plot Seed

TBI KILLZONE is the perfect mix to grow the perfect food plot that will attract deer all season long. Easy to establish while supplying plenty of food for your local deer herd. A mixture of brassicas, turnips, radish, rape, kale and collards- this will be ready for grazing October one through January. Best time to plant is late August.

New Product


ScrapeFix is now available at PCA! Make mock Scrapes in the summer with the Velvet purple and get tons more pictures. Use the Rut version in that prime time to keep them coming back to a scrape near your stand.

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