JOAD/Youth Academy

What is JOAD?
Junior Olympic Archery Development, shortened as JOAD, is a program of USA Archery that is designed to teach the sport of archery to young people ages 8 to 20. JOAD offers both recurve and compound archers the opportunity to learn range and equipment safety along with proper shooting techniques taught to USA Olympic, Paralympic and World Champion archers. So whether your goal is recreational archery or competitive archery, JOAD is the place to start.

Advantages to joining a JOAD program

  • encourages focus, self-motivation and team building skills
  • organized format grows with the archer as they progress
  • archers may shoot recurve or compound
  • recreational and/or competitive focus
  • National Training System (NTS) certified instructors

How it works…….
The Plum Creek Archers JOAD program begins in December and runs through March:

  • Open to youth archers from 8 years old to 20 years old
  • Club meets at Plum Creek Archery pro shop and range in Dyersville Iowa
  • 14 weeks of instruction, shooting, games, and awards
  • Equipment, both recurve and compound bows, available for rent if needed
  • USA Archery JOAD awards program available to any youth archer interested
  • Club members interested in tournaments are encouraged to attend as a group
  • USA Archery Level 3 NTS coaches provide instruction

Join the fun of learning the sport of archery!

If you have additional questions about this program, please contact us at 563-875-7525.

Plum Creek Archers JOAD News

Members of the Plum Creek Archery JOAD take on Yankton South Dakota competing in the Outdoor National Championships (Sept 26-27, 2015).
(From left to right) Emily Ricke, Jalyn Wiezorek, Jacob Ricke, Wyatt Timpe and Jared Wiezorek.

Emily Ricke defended her 2014 title by winning the 2015 National Championship in her division of the NFAA Outdoor Target.
Jaylen Wiezorek won the 2015 National Championship in her division of the NFAA Outdoor Target.
Jacob Ricke placed second in his division of the NFAA Outdoor Target.
Wyatt Timpe collected a National Championship in the USA Archery Outdoor Field and a Second in the NFAA Outdoor Target.
Jared Wiezorek took eight in his division of the NFAA Outdoor Target.

The NFAA Outdoor Target tournament is a national event with competitors competing over two days. Archers shoot 90 arrows the first day and 60 the second day. Distances of targets vary according to age division. The USA Archery Field Tournament is a separate tournament where archers shoot at targets along a course.

CONGRATULATIONS from the PCA Staff and JOAD Coaches!!!


Congrats goes out to Jared Wiezorek for earning his BRONZE Olympian Award! Jared worked hard learning back tension release this year and it paid off. He stayed focused at the USA National Indoor tournament and scored well enough (285/300) to earn his bronze. USA honored him with not only the pin, but a nice certificate of achievement and USA Archery jacket. Well done!


2014-15 Plum Creek Archers JOAD was a blast!
Thanks to all the kids and parents that made this season a memorable one! We had right at (50) kids. WOW…..that was a lot of fun! Make sure to tell all your friends and get them in on the action.

Congratulations to everyone. We awarded (126) achievement pins and saw a lot of improvement at all levels. Can’t wait for the 2015-2016 season.

Two of our JOAD members (and PCA Staff shooters) went to the 2014 outdoor nationals in Hamilton Ohio. We are proud of both Serina Norte and Taylor Fox, as both of them performed very well. Nationals was much different than anything they’ve ever shot before. You’ll notice in one of the pictures that some of the rounds were head to head, with the scores always showing below the target. This event was also streamed live, which is really neat. There were 909 shooters total at this event. It was a great experience for everyone who made the journey to Ohio for Nationals.


2014 Illinois State JOAD Tournament. Below are some pictures of them sporting their blue JOAD Plum Creek Archers shirts!