Parties & Events

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    Birthday Parties

    Birthdays are great... but at Plum Creek Archery, they're a blast! Even if you've never shot archery before, we will get you and your friends set up and shooting like a pro. Plum Creek Archery parties consist of equipment set up and instruction from some of our USA Archery certified coaches. Along with that, you will get the use of our paper target range for balloon shooting and other games. TechnoHunt is another thing you and your guests can enjoy if you have a party at Plum Creek Archery. Feel free to bring your own food and drinks; with the use of our Party/Lounge area you will have a place for the whole group to celebrate and have the feeling of the whole place to yourself.

    Session Pricing:

    • Session pricing based on 2 hours
    • 1-5 shooters = $100.00
    • 6-10 shooters = $150.00
    • 11-15 shooters = $2oo.00
  • Corporate Events thumbnail

    Corporate Events

    Looking for something new to help with team building or just plain dissolve stress in the workplace? Book an event at Plum Creek Archery. Your event becomes a whole lot more fun and exciting when flinging arrows! Event includes equipment set up, shooting instruction, paper spot target and balloon shooting along with use of the Party/Lounge area.

    Session Pricing:

    • Session pricing based on 2 hours
    • 1-5 shooters = $125.00
    • 6-10 shooters = $200.00
    • 11-15 shooters = $275.00
  • Saco Game thumbnail

    Saco Game

    The Saco game is a flip paddle, fun to shoot, target system. Shoot to relieve tension, hone quick aim-'n'-fire skills or enjoy the sounds and action of paddles flipping to the other side. Want more excitement? It's simple; just add more people. Men, women and kids of all ages and skill levels have great fun competing one-on-one or in teams. When it comes to slingshot and archery fun, Saco is the force multiplier.
  • Party Lounge thumbnail

    Party Lounge

    Sit back and relax while your child, friend or spouse shoots or while we’re working on your equipment. Lounge area included with any party bookings.